WWII Veterans Connect Seventy Years Later

Two WWII veterans, Al Dearman and Boyd Holt, recently connected virtually, thanks to Facebook Portal and the investigative work of team members at two Revel communities, where both gentlemen reside. Boyd Holt is a resident of Revel Province in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a community with a large presence of veterans, thanks to the nearby Peterson Air Force Base. Al Dearman recently moved to Revel Rancharrah in Reno, Nevada. New resident stories are often shared across the Revel communities, and when the team at Revel Province heard that there was a new WWII veteran at Revel Rancharrah, they decided to find out if he might have a connection to any current residents. It was quickly discovered that Al and Boyd were both in Japan and Manilla at the same time. The two gentlemen had an opportunity to connect and reminisce about their experiences during the war, how Boyd met his wife and even to speak a bit of Japanese.

For more, be sure to check out the video of their meeting.

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