The more you uncover about Revel, the more there is to love—but is it right for you? Explore below to learn more about how independent living fits into your lifestyle.

What is the Price of Independent Living

Use our cost calculator to calculate your day-to-day expenses, even the ones you wouldn’t think to include like transportation, entertainment, and in-home care. After you’ve run the numbers, we’re confident you’ll see the all-inclusive value of Revel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is resident membership and what does it include?

At Revel, you’re more than a resident; you are a member of an inclusive independent living community, which comes with a lot of perks. Your monthly resident membership includes a beautiful apartment home, utilities, dining points, transportation, weekly housekeeping, lifestyle programming, 24-hour concierge services, and more. 

What happens if I need care in the future?

There are many communities that focus on enabling “aging in place.” The reality is: even if you’re living in a CCRC that offers an area with medical care, you’ll need to pack up and move within that community if you ever need that care. If you need medical support while living at Revel, you have the option of home healthcare. That being said, our focus at Revel is to ensure that our residents lead a lifestyle that supports aging well. It’s important to consider an environment that supports your current needs and abilities, allowing you to live your best life in the present.

What if I’m not ready to move yet?

We understand that everyone has their own timeline. It may be helpful to think about some of the following questions:

  • What does a time when you would be ready to move look like?
  • What motivated you to look into Revel?
  • What are you hoping to gain from making a change from your current environment?
  • What might you gain by staying in your current environment? 
  • What do you feel like you would be giving up if you moved now?
Can you help with selling my home, moving, and/or finding storage?

Revel offers full-service transition support including assistance in selling homes and getting ready to move. Please let us know if any element of the moving process is feeling difficult and our transition specialist can help you find a solution.

Alternatively, another low-stress transition is to move into your new home at Revel and see what will fit, then sort through the rest of your belongings and sell your home. Trying to take care of every detail prior to moving can make a move feel overwhelming.

What if I start to get cold feet after I put down my deposit?

This is completely normal and—to a degree—expected! Whenever people make a big life decision, it is natural for them to have anxiety about their choice. Please reach out if you feel this way. We’d love to have you back to have a meal, participate in an activity, or schedule your overnight staycation, if you haven’t already.

How does the cost of Revel compare?

If you have any questions about how the cost of Revel compares to your current home expenses, let us walk you through a cost comparison worksheet or the cost calculator above. These tools help illuminate that the monthly resident membership at Revel is not comparable to your current home mortgage or rent, since it includes items like utilities, transportation, home maintenance, meals, housekeeping, and more. 


If you are considering other independent living communities, remember that costs often reflect value. Make sure to factor in the experience of living there and the quality of the services and amenities, which will ultimately determine your day-to-day satisfaction.

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