What Our Residents Are Saying

What are you looking for in your senior living community? What will you be most excited about once you move into your new home? We could tell you all the amazing things about living at Revel, but we thought it might be better to hear it from our residents themselves.

Revel to Our Residents
“When I think of Revel, they seem to have thought of everything. Everything is so positive; I haven’t had a negative thing happen to me here,” says Florine, a librarian and Revel resident. From art classes and concert series to fitness programs and beyond, it is a mission for our Revel team to ensure that we are more than just a place to live. We listen to our residents to be sure that their home in our community is full of positivity, connection, and new opportunities.

Our communities are built on four pillars of wellness designed to encourage connection and engagement: social, physical, spiritual, and intellectual. No matter what you are looking for, you’ll find like-minded new friends and programs to enjoy.

Everything You Need and More
Ensuring that our residents have dozens of exciting programs at their fingertips that encourage longer, healthier, and happier lives is our top priority. Our residents are full of curiosity and take advantage of all opportunities they are offered. “I love the lifestyle programs. The exercise programs are really important to me and being able to go to the gym and access that whenever I want to,” said Rebekah, author and Revel resident.

Sue, educator and resident, is a fan of the art room and the concerts Revel provides. Thanks to new opportunities at Revel, Sue has even discovered a new passion for sports. “I don’t even know how to spell pickleball but, you know what? I’m game! I’ll try it!”

Join the Revel Family
We pride ourselves for being much more than a place to live. We are a home where friendships and bonds are formed. We have to agree with our resident Shirley, who said, “It’s not the beautiful building, it’s the people. Everybody checks on everybody else and it’s like a big senior family.”

Now is the perfect time to come create your own Revel story. Our lifestyle team and current residents are eager to provide you with more information about our communities. Ready to learn more?.

Rebekah says it best, “Don’t feel hesitant. There are welcoming people, attitudes, and energies here for you. We will help you in any way that we can, and the staff will help you. You will fall right into the flow of living and you will love it.” We can’t wait to meet you!

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