Long-Lost Family Members Connect at Revel

Anna Havercroft started her role as Lifestyle Director at Revel Spokane in July of 2020. She knew this position would involve spending plenty of time with residents, planning activities and supporting their growth and interests. Little did she know that a simple question from one resident, Bill Young, would lead to a reconnection within her very own family. When Bill noticed Anna’s last name on her business card, he inquired about what other Havercrofts she was related to. The two soon realized that Bill was previously married to Anna’s great-aunt and he was the “Uncle Bill” that her parents and extended family had fond memories of. Anna’s grandmother, Dawn Havercroft, was particularly thrilled to hear of the reconnection, as she had been close to Bill when he was married to her sister.

During a year that brought challenges to many, and resulted in a sense of loneliness and isolation, particularly for older individuals, this story of reconnection is all the more meaningful. “I’m not sure why we’ve been placed in each other’s path, but I’m going to try and get to know him, spend as much time with him as possible, and for him to know he is loved,” Havercroft said.

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A newly opened door: Long-lost relatives connect at retirement community Revel Spokane | The Spokesman-Review

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