Why I Chose Independent Living


“Why I Chose Independent Living”

Retirement is a time of celebration and reflection; looking back on what you’ve accomplished in your professional career, and deciding how to spend your free time. For some, that means considering an independent living community free from the responsibilities of traditional homeownership.

We asked residents to answer some common questions about their decision to make the move, and their experience at Revel Communities:

“I wanted to live an active lifestyle”

Some communities offer nothing more than a collection of apartments for residents over 55 years of age. But for individuals looking for an active lifestyle, independent living communities offer amenities like on-site fitness centers, spas and restaurants as well as opportunity to make new friends and explore your interests.

“I’d been thinking of moving somewhere else,” said Rebekah, a Province Springs resident. “[They] do not look at seniors as old people. I love the lifestyle programs; the exercise is really important to me. I love the gym—being able to go and access that whenever I want to…that spoke to me.”

Staying active also means engaging your mind. “I love the art class, and soon, we’re starting Spanish,” said Victoria, a Revel Nevada resident. “I never thought I’d be learning another language, but I’m excited to.”

“I was looking to live somewhere better than my current home”

Why make a change if you’re not upgrading? The experience of a luxury resort is what sets Revel Communities apart from other independent living communities. This country club feel is also what helps many prospective residents make their decision to move.

For Revel Nevada resident Ron, this realization came while vacationing in Central America. “I was down in the Dominican Republic at a resort, and I thought, ‘Why am I here? My apartment is better than this!’”

Guests visiting Revel also benefit from the same amenities residents have. “My guest yesterday said this is better than any five-star resort they’ve been in,” said Tory, a Revel Nevada resident. “This is just paradise. The food is wonderful; we order from a menu, and we can eat anytime, or anyplace.”

“I was looking to give up the responsibilities of owning a home”

Enjoying your own living space shouldn’t mean hours of chores or yard work. Choosing a Revel community allows you to enjoy your free time and say goodbye to the most tedious responsibilities of home ownership.

“I was mowing the lawn in Las Vegas in 106-degree weather, and just thought to myself, ‘Why am I doing this?” said Revel Nevada resident Ron. “My house, too, had all the problems with upkeep and all that. I wanted to get rid of those responsibilities. Even the condos I considered still had an element of upkeep.”

When you free up your schedule you open yourself up to new opportunities and hobbies.

“You’ve done so much with your life. Why not do something more?” said Jen, Lifestyle Director, Province Springs.

“I wanted to make new friends and form new relationships to last a lifetime”

Establishing strong connections is important in successful aging, but finding a dependable social group can be challenging. Choosing a community that enables meaningful relationships can make all the difference as you transition to a new phase in life.

“It’s a wonderful place. There’s welcoming people, attitudes, and energies here. You’ll fall right into the flow of living and you’ll love it,” said Rebekah, a Province Springs resident.

“I wanted to bring vitality back into my life”

An independent living community should offer you new opportunities to explore the things that matter to you. With less to worry about, you’ll have ample time and space to find new ways to enjoy life.

“I thought going to a place like this was the end of your life,” said Revel Nevada resident Tory. “Do you know what a surprise it was to find out it was a new beginning?”

Schedule a tour today to discover for yourself the new possibilities, friendships, and activities waiting for you at Revel Communities.

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