Talking to Your Family About the Move

Making the move to a senior living community will mean a lot of great changes in your life: new experiences, more friends, delicious meals, and more. Though you’re already excited for this move, it may come as a surprise to your family.

They might be worried about what these changes could mean. They’re probably wondering if you’re moving to the right place, if you’re spending your money wisely, and what will happen to your house.

Your family’s concerns come from a place of love, so it’s important to respect their feelings. When you have a conversation with your family about your decision, reassure them that you’re making the right choice for the life you want to live.

That’s why we’ve created a guide to help you with these questions. It gives you an idea of why your family might be concerned, and how you can address these question honestly based on your own reasoning and plans. It also includes some details about Revel Communities that may help reassure your family.

The guide will explain the kind of community you’re considering, including some of the features and benefits of living there, and it will also help you work through the logistics of making the move and leaving your house behind.

We hope this conversation is enlightening as you explore your family’s care and concern for you, and your desire to make a change.

Download the Guide

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