In Their Own Words

Residents and their family members talk about life at Revel.

The decision to move to a senior living community often involves more people than just the person moving. Many Revel residents’ families played a part in their decision to make the move to Revel and now have peace of mind knowing that those closest to them are enjoying the personalized experiences and comfortable living found at Revel. “When you take in all the other factors… I feel very good about the whole decision,” Revel Lodi resident Irene’s son comments.

At Revel, we offer residents freedom from household upkeep, like cleaning, maintenance and yard work, so they can enjoy their free time and say goodbye to the responsibilities that come with home ownership.

Irene reflects, “When I was living at home before, I had to worry about the house. Having to keep up with gas, electricity and all the bills associated with the house. The gardener, the housekeeping, things like that. But being here, it’s wonderful how all of that is taken care of.”

With so many fun activities and great amenities right outside their front door, residents can open themselves up to new opportunities and hobbies. “The one thing I promised I would do that I couldn’t do before, was to exercise,” says Irene. She had always been a member of a fitness club, but the commute often stopped her from making it there. Now that she has a fully equipped fitness studio on-site, she works out daily.

And family can rest assured that at Revel, residents will be surrounded by vibrant, active people. “If you have nothing planned, there’s always someone in the lobby to talk to. I’ve made some very nice friends here.” says resident Lillian.

Living at Revel offers residents a chance to start a new adventure, meet new friends, and spend time doing the things they love; something that both residents and their families can be happy with.

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