Amenities That Matter Most

When selecting an independent living community, it’s important to consider the amenities offered and how they can contribute to a fulfilling, maintenance-free lifestyle for you in the future. According to an AARP livability report, most people aged 50+ look for things like access to public transportation, green spaces, and food and dining options when considering places to live and thrive.

At Revel Communities, amenities are designed around the six pillars of wellness: physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and occupational.

Wellness options to stay young, vibrant, and engaged

Successful aging includes getting involved in physical and social activities. According to a University of Florida study, some of the most popular activities include gardening, cycling, crafts, tennis and exercise classes. Revel Communities offer a variety of ways to get active, from a creative studio and community gardens to yoga classes and a state-of-the-art fitness studio. With a multitude of wellness activities at their doorstep, Revel residents don’t have to look far for opportunities to socialize, energize, and relax.

A lock-and-leave lifestyle that encourages you to explore

According to AARP research, baby boomers now take at least one trip every year, with many averaging four to five annual excursions. The freedom of a lock-and-leave lifestyle, like that available at Revel Communities, allows you to explore the world without worrying about yard maintenance, housekeeping, or the security of your home.

Transportation services that get you where you want to go

No matter where you live, access to reliable transportation can give you additional freedom. Currently, about 8.4 million seniors in America depend on others for their transportation. Whether you no longer drive by choice or necessity, you still have places to go. At Revel Communities, transportation services are available, so trips to the doctor, supermarket, or golf course are easy to accommodate.

Exceptional food at onsite restaurants

Did you know that diet quality has a significant impact on living well? As we age, our tastes in food and nutritive requirements change. It can be challenging to ensure we have access to the full range of food and nutrition choices our bodies require when living at home, especially if you’re cooking for one. At Revel Communities, you can choose between multiple dining experiences and celebrity chef-designed menus. Plus, the flexible dining program allows you to choose whether you want to cook in your gourmet kitchen, dine at one of the restaurants designed with your preferences and needs in mind, or grab a meal to enjoy at home.

Affordable guest suites to keep family close

Being close to loved ones throughout our lives has amazing health and wellness benefits, but vacuuming and dusting empty guest rooms that are only used a handful of times throughout the year can become tedious. Revel Communities offer guest suites for rent at a per-night charge, just like a hotel, giving family and friends the option to visit whenever they want without worrying about where they will stay.

Housekeeping services that free up your time

Living perfected means focusing on the things that bring you the most joy, and chances are, your happiest moments aren’t when you’re cleaning your house. Giving up household chores, even occasionally, can give you back free time for the things you truly enjoy. Imagine replacing cleaning a bathroom and kitchen with two hours on the golf course and still coming home to a clean house!

Choosing the most important amenities for you starts by thinking about your perfect lifestyle. For a closer look at life at Revel Communities, schedule a tour today.

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