A Revel Love Story

At Revel, community can mean a lot of different things. Friendship, shared connections, and sometimes, love.

Richard and Rosemarie, two widowers, moved in to a Revel community in Eagle, Idaho separately, looking to be a part of a community. Little did they know they would open a brand-new chapter. As the couple began to get to know each other, they learned that they both were long-time residents of Missoula, Montana, and enjoy many of the same hobbies. After spending time together and realizing the deep connection they shared, Richard and Rosemarie decided to move into a beautiful two-bedroom apartment overlooking the Boise River in the summer of 2023.

They spend their days traveling, attending fitness classes, socializing, and dancing. The couple decided to take a trip back to Montana and got married on November 24th, 2023. To celebrate the community’s first-ever wedding, Revel Eagle threw a reception for the newlyweds with their families and beloved friends and neighbors.

Richard and Rosemarie’s story even drew some local attention. They were thrilled to speak to Idaho News 6 about finding each other at Revel. Check out the feature here.

Cheers to the happy couple!

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