A Family Affair: Connections and Community at Revel

Melodee Powers has lived in the Seattle area for decades. She raised her family there and remains close with her grown children. When she was looking for a new place to live, her daughters were instrumental in her senior living search, and an ad in the Seattle Times led them to Revel Issaquah. Melodee decided to reserve her new apartment home the same day she toured the community.

When Melodee’s daughter, Melinda, relocated from Washington to Scottsdale, Arizona, she was delighted to discover two Revel communities in her new city. Knowing how wonderful her mom’s experience with Revel had been, Melinda decided to apply to work at Revel Scottsdale.

Both Melodee and Melinda have embraced life at their Revel communities. Melinda finds joy in helping older adults find their ideal home at Revel, just as she helped her mom. Melodee continues to thrive at Revel where she has made many friends and feels that her quality of life has improved greatly. Mother and daughter are thrilled with their shared love of Revel, and what it means to be a part of these communities.

At Revel, you’re more than just a resident or team member, you are truly part of our family.

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