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Menu Testing with Beau MacMillan

Chef Beau and his team

The Making of a Memorable Meal

When the Lumin team set out to design an exceptional dining experience for our communities, we knew we needed to partner with a true culinary connoisseur. It’s no coincidence that Beau MacMillan came into our world. We had enjoyed his delicious food many times at his legendary restaurant, Elements, and had followed his exciting run on Iron Chef and the Food Network. Getting to know him better, we realized that he is not only super talented; he’s also a super nice guy.

Part of the fun in designing our restaurant concepts with Beau was, of course, getting to test drive the menus. Our modern American restaurant, Ovation, features fresh, seasonal dishes and our spirited pub, The Social Club, offers pub classics with a twist. Check out this sneak peek of our menus in action and keep an eye out for these stunning dishes:

  • Ham & Jam Biscuit
  • Housemade Chips w/Caramelized Onion Dip
  • Sweet Corn Truffle Soup w/Tarragon
  • Buccatini & Meatballs w/Bacon Marinara
  • Coffee-Spiced Duck Breast w/Razzcherry Sauce & Salsify Puree
  • Scallops w/Ricotta Gnocchi & Carrot Butter

Bon Apetit!



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